Our Story


Welcome to spidies, where our journey began in June 2022, embarking on a path that led us to official registration in December 2022. What started as a one-person agency has evolved into a dynamic team of three dedicated full-time members, alongside a network of 30 skilled freelancers with whom we maintain frequent collaborations.

In less than a year, we've witnessed remarkable growth, progressing from handling a single project each month to successfully managing five projects per month. At Spidies, our guiding principle centers around prioritizing the value of our services over monetary gains. We firmly believe that exceptional quality inevitably paves the way for strong client relationships and sustainable success. This principle was remarkable in our journey as we got most work through recommendations and retainers. 

To date, we take pride in having assisted over 40 clients on their diverse ventures. Our dedication to excellence has not only garnered us a loyal clientele but has also positioned us as trusted partners for fellow agencies seeking collaborations and strategic advisory services for their clients. 

As we continue on this exciting trajectory, we remain committed to upholding our core values of quality, collaboration, and client-centricity. Join us in shaping the future of [Your Industry] as we combine our expertise, creativity, and unwavering passion to deliver unparalleled solutions that exceed expectations.


Why Choose US?


At Spidies LLC, we pride ourselves on being a leading agency specializing in NFT Collaboration Management and Launch Strategy . We have an established track record of providing strategic insights and advice to our clients in the increasingly complex world of NFTs.

Our team is composed of true enthusiasts who are deeply embedded in the NFT community. We understand the nuances of market cycles and the psychology of NFT enthusiasts ( Degens ). For projects or clients less familiar with these complexities, we bridge the gap by offering informed, tailored advice.

Our guiding principle is clear: we put our clients first. We believe that financial success is a natural outcome of prioritizing our clients' needs and exceeding their expectations. This ethos has been instrumental in fostering our growth, as evidenced by the significant number of clients we have partnered with over the past year.

When you choose Spidies LLC, you're not just choosing an agency—you're choosing a dedicated partner committed to navigating the intricate landscape of launching a NFT Collection with you.

The Team

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